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How to reduce smoke from the front door

In your enthusiasm have you overloaded the chamber with wood? The portable Ozpig has a small and compact belly, therefore too much timber or too large a piece of timber will prevent oxygen from circulating through the chamber. As a result the wood can smoulder and create smoke.

This is easily solved by stacking the timber in a ‘criss-cross’ pattern so the flame can catch easily – and keep the door open at all times. If using the vented door, just leave it open until the fire is established and coals are developing. Also by building your fire towards the front of the Ozpig chamber, oxygen will reach it more readily.


  • Move your BBQ plate off the fire when starting.
  • Keep the door open.
  • Start with kindling and fire lighters and gradually build up to larger pieces. Check out this You Tube clip for some great tips - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-M2zcpZgiXw
  • Dryer, seasoned timber creates less smoke when lighting up.
  • Use wood no bigger than the circumference of a soft drink can.
  • Regularly remove the ash build up from the bottom of the belly before lighting, while leaving a few coals behind.

The Vented Door is not being effective.

You’ll find that even the vented door needs to stay open until the fire is well established and coals are developing - then you can close it gradually. If you close it too quickly, or overload the chamber, the fire will be starved of oxygen and start smoking. It can also help to have the vented door facing into the wind.

What is the diffuser for and how do I use it?

The diffuser is a really great accessory to help you control the heat when cooking. Using it under your pots and pans gives you greater control, effectively turning down the heat for when you want slower cooking. For an even slower simmer, place your BBQ plate on top of the diffuser and then add your pot or camp oven.

The Chimney pieces are difficult to pull apart.

There can be a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, timber which has not been seasoned properly contains a high amount of sap which builds up in the chimney making the sections stick together. To remedy this build a fire and let the heat naturally melt the sap, then carefully pull the chimney apart using leather gloves. When cool spray the sections with WD40 or something similar.

The second most common cause is rust building up in the joints, when the Ozpig has been out in the elements. So grab your WD40 and spray the joints when the chimney is cool. A careful tap with a blunt object should be enough to loosen the joints so they can be pulled apart – then you can season each section properly to prevent this happening again.

Removing rust from the BBQ plates

Rust is hard to avoid, but these tips will have your plates looking like new again.

  1. Clean off excess scale rust with a wire brush or a buffing wheel on a grinder, taking the surface back to bare metal.
  2. Wipe the plate clean with a cloth or paper towel.
  3. Season your BBQ plate all over with a light coat of oil. The best one for the job is flaxseed oil, as it forms a hard, tough film once it dries. Heat the oiled plate (on the Ozpig or in your oven) until it smokes, then remove it from the heat and wipe off excess oil with paper towel. Repeat this step 2 or 3 times or until paper towel looks clean.

TIP:Storing your Ozpig out of the elements, and keeping up the handbook’s recommended maintenance, will minimise rust forming. Purchasing our custom made cover will also provide added protection for your ‘Pig’. For more info on seasoning BBQ plates take a look on YouTube.

Repainting your Ozpig

Prettying up your pig requires a big of planning. All heatproof paints aren’t equal and many will peel even though they say they can tolerate temperatures of 500 degrees. But if you are determined, here are some tips -

Clean the surface thoroughly and take it back to bare metal in order for new paint to stick. Sandblasting your Ozpig is quite cost-effective and ideal (if possible) to remove any rust. Ozpig enthusiasts recommend ‘Stove Bright’ paint for external use, in High Temp Silencer Black http://www.stovebright.com.au/ , oor Exhaust Enamel paint. Follow the instructions on the spray can and they are easily to apply. However it’s a great idea to check out Stove Bright’s YouTube clips for some useful tips - https://www.youtube.com/user/MrStoveBright

IMPORTANT: Never paint your BBQ plates. They are – and need to stay - food grade and safe for cooking.

Great bit of kit

We have the ozpig series 2 under a patio. Only just bought the house and the pig so we haven't got it in a specific final spot just yet. But having these extra offset and pieces helps keep smell and smoke (not that there is much using nice ironbark) definitely recommend this kit for use under a patio. Plus fast and easy postage made buying them easy as. 5 Stars

Exactly what I was looking for

- I was looking for something wood-fired and portable that I could take anywhere to boil water and cook a meal on and that could also be my home BBQ. The Pig is simpler and safer than a camp fire and a great back-up at home if everything goes down. I’ve only done BBQs so far and I’m enjoying the added wood-smoke taste. Looking forward to cooking more sophisticated meals down the track.